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Book lover... Or should I call myself book addict for the best? I'm 21 years old and I'm from Italy, though I live in Argentina. I'm currently studying the Editing career. I enjoy many genres, including Sci-fi, Dystopia, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Historical fiction, Mystery and more.

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 Every star you rate  

 Every shelf you create  

 Every writer you berate  

 Every status update  

 STGRB will be watching you


 Every single byte  

 Every review you write

 Every new site

 Every perceived slight

 STGRB will be watching you


 Oh can't you see  

 Your praise belongs to me

 How my poor heart aches

 With every list you make


 Every screenshot you take  

 Every book you forsake  

 Every discussion in which you partake  

 Every reputation you break  

 STGRB will be watching you


 Since you gave me one star I only complain

 I dream at night, I can only see disdain

 I cry "bully" but it's you I can't restrain

 I feel so hurt and long for the financial gain

 I keep calling stars, stars please...


It's like TV in your head!

Why I love reading

Everything Changes - Shey Stahl Guys, please check this review from one of the authors of a fanfic that has been plagiarized by Shey Stahl. Yes, this book is also a plagiarism from a Twilight fanfic.

Do not support plagiarism guys!
Waiting for You - Shey Stahl Wanna know why this and other Stahl's books were removed from Amazon? Simply, she's been acussed of plagiarism. Apparently, this book has been based on Twilight fanfics and her newest book, "For the Summer", was based on the fanfic "Dusty".

Well done, Stahl, well done *insert sarcastic bomb here*


I wouldn't have read this book after the bad reviews I read about it but... Really? Stealing from fanfics? Even, from popular fanfics? Like nobody is gonna notice anyways, huh? Jesus Christ.

Wanna know more about it? Check this and this
The Death Cure - James Dashner What was that?



Brace yourselves, spoilers ahead

I can't believe it's over. I can't believe it ended in that way. I just can't. If I used to complain (and still do) about George R. R. Martin, I may start complaining about James Dashner as well. You bloody bastards killing off the characters I like the most D:

In this book, I kinda desliked Thomas. I mean, he did certain things that were... Stupid. Really stupid. And I was like "Oh, great Thomas, that must lead to happy consequences, huh?" And the decision of not getting back his memories... It's fine, it's okay if you don't want to know about it Thomas, but I wanted to know! I WANTED IT.

The book left a lot of questions without answers and some plot holes, which didn't please me at all. And then... KILLING PARTEEEH. The last pages of it left me like this >> o__O

I just don't know. I really liked the book but I think there are some explanations left. And that ending? Just. No.

I want answers.

I want them now.
The Scorch Trials - James Dashner So, James Dashner strikes again! My "WTF" faces and expression through the entire book were epic. Let me say, I really enjoyed this book and the ending left me wanting more. Like, it didn't happen since I read The Hunger Games 3 years ago. But with this trilogy all I can do is finishing a book and starting the next one right then.

I just can't even.
The Maze Runner - James Dashner Oh, well, now we're talking James Dashner.

First of all, if you hate cliffhangers, avoid this book or just buy The Scorch Trials before finishing it, otherwise you'll go insane.

Stepping to the story... It begins with our main character, Thomas, arriving to the Glade with no previous memories of his life. There he meets the other teenage boys living in the Glade and gets to know that they've been searching for a way to escape from the place (that's surrounded by a maze filled with creatures, known as Grievers) for two years. Thomas will learn to live in the community as he finds out as much as he's able about the Glade and the Gladers. Things will change abysmally after a girl named Teresa arrives and triggers "the Ending".

I personally liked the story a lot, because it compells you to keep reading and I didn't want to stop! I had so many questions without answers, as Thomas, and I managed to solve them along with him just to get a dozen more of questions. And then the ending came and I was all "WTF, no, I NEED THE NEXT BOOK" And not to mention Chuck's death. I almost fell off my chair. Me no likes.

Writing is just okay, nothing impressive. But it's fine.

Characters... Mhm... So and so. I don't love any of them, I don't hate any of them either. Thomas, Teresa, Alby, Newt, Chuck, Minho and Gally are the ones that we get to know the best, even when we know almost nothing about them because, hey, they don't know a thing about their past!

In a sum up... It was a good story. I liked it, I liked the concept and the idea. It could have been better, yeah, but I wasn't disappointed with it. So, moving right into the next book, yay!
Dark Lover - J.R. Ward I've been wanting to read this for months. And I finally did. I expected a lot from it due to the reviews I read. And guess what?

Drums please...


Oh, I'm so, so happy I get to read a book with great reviews and rating that doesn't disappoint me (as did Shatter Me and Divergent, for example).

The story isn't an "oh my god what a story, oh god", but it's good and entertaining enough to keep me reading. There is insta-love, which I don't particularly like, but I could put up with it. Wanna know why? THE CHARACTERS!

I liked all of them, especially Wrath, Tohrment and Rhage. But who wouldn't love sexy, too-manly-to-be-real, kickass vampires? I just want one of those for me!

The writing was pretty good, nothing from another world, but I couldn't stop reading, I swear. It's so addictive. So, if you like paranormal stuff, sexy and hot romance and kickass characters... Go for it!
Divergent - Veronica Roth

Actual rating: 2,5 stars

Another book that almost everybody loved and I just couldn't do so. I couldn't. I read and waited something to blow my mind. That never happened.

The idea of factions is quite interesting, but, to be sincere, Dauntless was more like dumbass-kinda-suicidal-selfish-kiddos instead of brave people. And I really disliked that.

Our main character, Tris, was... Boring. It was like reading Bella Swan combined with Anastasia Steele and any other character like those that may come up to your mind. Her acts are, most of times, illogical. Her way of thinking is a big and dark hole and I didn't want to know that much about her after all because I was like "go ahead Tris, get killed so this ends and someone more interesting takes your place". But, oh, well... That didn't happen. It'd have been interesting, you know.

Then comes Four, aka Tobias. He's okay, I think. An a**hole at times... Most of them, yeah. But it wasn't that bad. What it was bad was the romantic plot. THE ROMANCE, OH GOD.

Is it needed? I mean, seriously. Can't we just have a book where the main character isn't an overreacting, immature, teen girl that falls in love for the first time with the bad guy, who also is in love with her even when he was as cold as ice before meeting her? Ah... It's always the same story... Super spushal gurl meets super bad boy, they fall for each other, drama-llama everywhere, the CLIFFHANGER... I mean, the end. If you hate cliffhangers... You better get Insurgent soon or step away from this book. You read me? I'm serious!

Lets step to the plot... What plot? I don't know. Really, I don't. Nothing ever happens. It's Tris doing Dauntless' "sillycidal" stuff. More of that. Then more. Then everybody hates Tris. Then more stupidity. Stupidity also comes next. Fifty pages of some action, 75% predictable. The end. The story overall it's either so predictable or you don't know what's going on because nothing's clearly explained. Which is frustrating, because the book is long enough to fill those holes instead of being pages and pages of nothing.

The writing... Oh, I can't tell. I read a horrific translation that almost made me cry in some parts. I'm not talking about it.

Overall... I did not like it at all. I did not hate it either. It's just a "mneh" read that makes me wonder what's all the hype about. The only thing I loved about it? It was a very fast read so, booyah, I'm free to read other books I may enjoy more!

Aurevoir, Divergent. See you in never again

A Clash of Kings - George R.R. Martin What to say about this book? I think I'll never be able to do a proper review for Martin's series. Really, I love it. And I love the tv show as well. I can't avoid all the feelings intermingling inside when I read the books or watch the show. I can't avoid loving certain characters and hating others with a burning passion. I cry, I laugh, I swear and get to inimaginable "WTF" levels. I just enjoy the story and the writing so much (even though I tend to start hating Martin because he kills everything I love... Cruel one! D: ).

Can't say nothing else except that I loved it. Sansa and the Hound, Arya and Gendry, Daenerys and Jorah... Oh, you're gonna break me guys. JUST BE TOGETHER ALREADY. And Tyrion... He should rule the sevend kingdoms, just saying. He's just so kickass, lol.
Dark Prince - Christine Feehan I did it. I finally finished it. After almost three years, I finished this damn book!

Oh, yeah, you read it right. THREE YEARS. I downloaded three years ago, started it, never finished it. I tried to read it once again several times. Nothing. The past year I tried again, couldn't get into it. And this year, oh, I just compelled myself to finish Dark Prince. It took several months (of not reading it) and I ended it in just a few hours (thanks God I got a tablet, if not... This book would still be unfinished).

What to say? I really don't know. I'm puzzled. There was too much sex I couldn't tell what was going on most of times. It starts with Mikhail meeting Raven and a few pages after (like, 5 or 6 pages, ha!) he's assaulting her sexually... MENTALLY! It was... Eh... I don't know.

The book goes on telling Raven and Mikhail's relationship and the Carpatian's problems and blah blah blah blah blah for too many pages. Seriously, the overall plot of this book could have been solved in 50 pages. There was sex. And sex. And sex. And keep going on with it. There's almost nothing more till the ending of the book, where Mikhail, our vampire prince, has to defeat a traitor. And then, the book ends with a SUPER MEGA HIPER WIDE OPENED ending (does that even make sense? I don't know what I'm typing anymore, oh sheesh).

I may be reading the next book because I want to know what happens next. But first I've got a ton of other nice books begging me to read them. So boo-bye for now, Carpatians. Don't miss me.
Uglies - Scott Westerfeld Oh God, this took forever! I was expecting a lot from this book and then I read the reviews... And I was like "Hold on, Erica, hold on. Read it and then make your own opinion about it". Care about it? Wanna now what I think about Uglies?

It sucks.


It's definitely not the worst book I have read but, anyways, it was painful to finish it. It bored me to death, really. Tally was... Was... Well, she was stupid, plain as simple like that. Even though she was supposed to be special and super smart and unique, she was just boring and super silly. And so selfish, also. Her thoughts are pathetic most of times. Ah,in a sum up, Tally will make you want to roll your eyes a gazillion times till they fall to the floor... Or something, I don't know.

The writing... Oh well, lets just say that's horrible as well. Repetitive, so simple and plain, it doesn't make the pace faster nor the story sound interesting. And the main idea of the book was cool. So, Uglies is a really good example of a good idea and an awful execution.

Then, you may ask why I gave it 2 stars... Just because I want to know what happens next. Lets see if it gets any better.
Ceremonia secreta - Marco Denevi Es uno de esos libros raros que te dejan confundido si los lees demasiado rápido. La primera vez que lo leí, hace varios años atrás, no me tomé el tiempo de analizar lo que sucedía con detenimiento y Denevi terminó dejando un embrollo en mi cabeza que valió una relectura inmediata.

Y ahora lo vuelvo a leer, como si fuera la primera vez, dejándome arrastrar por los pasillos de la casona de la calle Suipacha por un ser sin nombre. Leonides, Anabelí, Guirlanda... La protagonista termina siendo todo y nada, pieza definitiva de un juego oscuro que ella debe terminar.

Una lectura corta pero no rápida. No vale la pena tomarse carrera en las páginas que lleva resolverse el misterio. Hay que caminar lentamente, con el paso de la protagonista, descubriendo palmo a palmo en mundo que la rodea.
Hate List - Jennifer Brown What to say about this book? It got me emotional. It touched me.

It was, indeed, a very personal read. I myself suffered bullying and I know exactly how it feels. I know exactly how it hurts. I know exactly how my mind started being a real, serious mess after everything I had to go through. Children are cruel. People are cruel. And nobody ever cares. And, you know? Doing nothing is also a way of not caring, is a way of being part of it.

When I was nine, I suffered the worst. I had epilepsy right back then (I had it from 7 to 11 and I got my official discharge when I was 17) and I was in treatment. Everything was going fine with it. But my life was spiraling down and down and down the bottom pit. I was not only unhappy but depressed. The kids at school just mistreated me in every posible way, mental and physically. One day, one of my classmates dragged me into the bathroom just to hit me. I did nothing at first, fearing I'd be expulsed. I just try to defend myself, poorly. Other 7 girls were watching what happened. Nobody called anyone to help. I ended up crying, with a black eye, and went to talk to my teacher. What she said? "I don't get involved in that kind of stuff". That, along with the angered and full of despise look she gave me, was enough to confirm she somehow hated me. Things got worse with each day that went by and I was tearing apart. I spent the breaks alone, just hoping it'd end soon. I cried everyday and I didn't want to go to school anymore (and I was a kid that loved school before). Epilepsy seizures came back every night, during my sleep. I was -not- okay, in any way. I asked myself why did I deserve that, never finding the answer. I was the new girl. Almost from the first day of classes, I've been bullied. Why? I will never, ever know.

Thing is, kids are cruel. They know what they do it's wrong, they know it hurts. They do it anyway, because that's the point. Making someone feel bad, making them feel the ache. They enjoy the hurting process, somehow. And adults are worse, because many of them just let them do it. They do nothing and show no support to the one that's breaking one piece at a time. And you know what's the worst of all? These things mark you. I've got those insults and everything carved up in my mind. And it still hurts, even though I know those a*holes were just that, a*holes that don't deserve my tears. But, yet so, the scars are still there and they sometimes bleed. And those scars made me what I am today. No, time doesn't heal them, not at all. I grew up and all I got to know is that I was an ugly, annoying bitch. That I didn't deserve anyone's friendship. That I was the bad one. That I was an awful person. A part of me still believes that. How wouldn't I? I heard those words over and over again since I was a child until I was almost 18. It was like a song in endless repeat, playing over and over again, hurting, hurting deeper each time that played. Till I get used to it. Till I accepted it. And it was like I couldn't feel a thing, like I was indifferent. But, inside, I was completely broken and messed up.

That is why I related to Valerie. That is why I know how she felt. She wrote a hate list to cope and bear with the pain. It was her way of doing so and we all certainly have different ways of getting over something that affects us. But then everything went out of control and she found herself involved in the killing spree her boyfriend did. And what did people do? Blame her, without taking the time to know her at least a bit. She was responsible of those deaths just because she wrote names and things on a list, the Hate List. That's it. She was the enemy. She was no victim at all. Truth is, she was one of the first victims, long before the shooting.

But it seemed nobody could see that. Nobody cared about that. They needed a responsible, one that was alive. One they could blame as much as they needed. Valerie will need to go through a difficult process of healing and adapting to her reality, even when her own family is against her. Her father can't trust her and believes she needs to be hospitalized for a good while. He believes it's Valerie's fault. He believes she's the reason of everything going wrong in their family. Her mother doesn't trust her either, but as the story goes by she learns things about Valerie that will make her change her attitude towards her daughter. Her brother, after siding with her, will stick to his father's opinion.

In a sum up, I did enjoy this book. The writing is good and the story is too, except some things that may be a bit unrealistic. I'd recommend it just for those who can bear with a dramatic story without a clear happy ending but an open one. The ending is just the start of Valerie taking control of her life once again. Being herself, without fearing it. I'd recommend this book just to those who are willing to set aside early judgments and open to analyze their own reality.
The Holy Bible (King James Version) - Anonymous Oh, dear lord, the reviews. THOSE REVIEWS. I just can't stop giggling.

Needless to say, I'm an atheist. Which is actually really funny, because I always use the expressions "Oh my god", "Oh god", "Dear lord", "Sweet jesus", "Mother of god" and a bunch more. Ha!

Anyway, I -of course- won't be rating this book as I didn't read it. I read some versicles (quite a lot, to be honest) of the new testament because I was compelled to in class (yes, I was educated on a religious secondary school). I respect those who believe this is god's sacred word, though I can't say I undertand them to be honest. However, I prefer to believe in science rather than in an almighty guy that's watching us from above, letting us destroy ourselves along with the world he created with that much effort.

And to finish this pointless review...

"I don't hate Jesus. I just can't stand his fans".

Have a nice day! =D

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