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Book lover... Or should I call myself book addict for the best? I'm 21 years old and I'm from Italy, though I live in Argentina. I'm currently studying the Editing career. I enjoy many genres, including Sci-fi, Dystopia, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Historical fiction, Mystery and more.

Masquerade's Moon (Blood and Snow, #6) - RaShelle Workman Actually, 3,5 stars.
Things happen so fast and many reactions seem totally unrealistic. But anyway, I want to keep reading. I want to know for Jesus freaking sake if Gabe's a liar or not!

Complete review to come in the complete series edition
Prey and Magic (Blood and Snow #5) - RaShelle Workman You know, this books are getting my feelings CRAZY. I want to cry, then to laugh and so on. But mostly cry or stab someone.

For sure, I can't stop reading. It's addictive.

Review to come in the complete series edition
Blood Soaked Promises (Blood and Snow, #4) - RaShelle Workman I will now crawl to a distant corner and cry forfuckingever. THAT ENDING.
By now, is the book I enjoyed the most!

Review to come in the complete series edition
The Vampire Christopher (Blood and Snow, #3) - RaShelle Workman What was that with her parents? D:

Review to come in the Complete series edition

A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality - Joseph Nicolosi What the actual freaking flying fuck is this? D:




Revenant in Training (Blood and Snow, #2) - RaShelle Workman 4 stars just because of its ending! It's worth the read guys.

Entire review will be posted on the complete series edition.
Blood and Snow - RaShelle Workman Review to be posted as soon as I finish the complete series.
Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi I wanted to love this book so much. IT'S A DYSTOPIA, THEY SAID. IT'S AWESOME, THEY SAID.


My gawd, I liked only two things about it. First one, the idea of a government wanting to erase our past (which made me go all "aksjdkasjdkasjdkasd" at first... If only this was portrayed in the book, oh God). Second... Finishing this book.

The writing

I could put up with the first 100 pages or so. It seemed original, different, and I liked that. But then it was... Uhh, it was awful. Metaphors had no sense at all and I found myself like this


Like, WTF DID I JUST READ? Does -that- actually mean something? Endless paragraphs to express something that could have been said in two lines. The fact that she wanted so hard to sound smart and poetic showed off through the entire book. She wanted it, yet so didn't accomplished it.

Besides, the repetitions... It was, was, was all like this, this, this. All. The. Time. The punctuation ended up being weird and I was about to stop reading this book because I couldn't bear with it. But I hate not finishing books.

The plot

Dystopia? What dystopia? This is one of the most crappiest romances ever, set on a dystopian environment. But this ain't about a dystopia, that I can say.

So, in a sum up, is the story of a kinda psycho girl that's been in reclusion for almost 300 days that can't touch people because of her special power. If doing so, she drains people lives, and that's the main reason of being locked up alone.Then she meets Adam, the super hot guy she knew since they were kids and starts "falling in love". And, I don't know how, from one moment to the other, everybody's in love with her and/or want to bang her. And she wants that as well, but yet so can't get laid. The end.

Overall, this story was so boring and frustrating. The idea first shown about the government caught my eye and I thought it was kickass and then all I got to read was about Juliette complaining once, twice, a third time... COMPLAINTS EVERYFUCKINWHERE. An emo yabba-dabba that will make you want to rip your eyes off. Not to mention that, in spite of this "oh gosh, I can't touch people, I can't be touched, oh, oh, sadness, pouty, pout, pout", she appears to think each guy she meets is incredibly handsome and beautiful and... HORMONES ATTACK!

And the ending... Seriously? SERIOUSLY? The fact that it was a copy of X-Men that had no sense at all in the story made me want to punch my PC. Not cool.


So, nope. Not an interesting plot. Not a real, clear plot, either.



Whiny, whiny little biatch... So, she's been in reclusion, without seeing the sun, without eating properly, in totally unhealthy conditions. Instead of being mentally and physically f*cked up, everybody think she's the most beatiful and sexy girl ever. Really? To be sincere, all I got from this character was a hormone overdoze.


Here you go, Juliette. Cool yourself a bit before you jump over any of the guys surrounding you.


Err... Such convenient that he can touch Juliette! Oh, that must be real love guys. That must be!


Typical YA guy. Supermodel outside, somehow broken inside. It's the bad guy that it's not bad. Woot, woot, props on the originality.


Psycho with no limits, he's obsessed with Juliette (and not to mention the scene of both making out... She was grossed out but at the same time enjoying it. Like, wit, what?) and wants her by his side, no matter the costs. Bad guy. Bad, bad guy with mental issues. Oh, and guess what? He can touch Juliette too without being affected! Boyaah, that's having lots of luck dude!



Why this has to be a series? I don't want to go through the next books, yet so I don't want to leave the series unfinished. But, by now, for me it's over.

Otroso - Graciela Montes, Graciela Monte Bueno, otra relectura más de este libro a causa de mi continuo aburrimiento. ¿Qué puedo decir?

Veamos, la escritura. Es lo que hace que la historia se me haga más sosa, más básica. Sí, es para chicos, pero eso no quita que se puedan describir las cosas de otra manera más "poética" y compleja, si se quiere, aún siendo entendible para el público al que va dirigido.

Los personajes no son exactamente desarrollados. Al pasar se van dejando detalles sobre ellos, nada más. Es lo mismo con la historia, se van tirando detalles en las hojas, de manera rara, desordenada, como si fuera un simple borrador. Sí, el narrador aparenta estar haciendo algo así, pero realmente no logra el efecto deseado. Solo hace que la historia sea desprolija, en el mal sentido.

La historia en sí es lo que salva al libro. Me acuerdo que cuando lo leí por primera vez tenía 11 o 12 años recién cumplidos y después de terminarlo no podía evitar imaginar cómo sería tener un mundillo subterráneo. Ahora con 21 también me lo imagino, lleno de recovecos, de espacios que solo yo conocería. Es divertido pensarlo, imaginarlo, crearlo. Creo que a cualquier chico que lo leyese le pasaría lo mismo, se preguntaría a sí mismo "qué pasaría si...". Por supuesto, las épocas cambian. El libro tiene sus buenos 15 años más o menos y las generaciones dieron un salto que asusta. Ahora los "nenes" de 12 ya no son nenes. Son chicos que "se las saben todas". Igual que las chicas. A diferencia de mí época, está todo más apurado, se saltan las etapas como si vivir fuera una carrera. ¡Cuánto se van a arrepentir! Ahora se creen unos genios echando el hígado cada fin de semana, en unos años se van a terminar arrepintiendo por una u otra razón.

En fin, es un libro fantasioso, sencillo, directo. No es la gran historia, pero se desarrolla rápidamente y la lectura es entretenida. Recomendable para chicos de 10 u 11 años, y chicos de 12, 13, incluso 14, que todavía se atreven a imaginar.
Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1) - Abbi Glines To read or not to read... That's the question
City of Bones - Cassandra Clare Actual rating: 2.25 stars

EDIT July 21st Dropped the rating because... Well, after taking some time to think about it, 3 stars were too much for this. It took me a lot of time to finish it. I started reading it back in 2010 and left it because it bored the hell out of me. Then this year I told myself: go, grab that damn book (well, actually, open that PDF, lol) and read it just so you know what's the hype about. Needless to say, I still don't get what's the hype about.

The characters are, indeed, idiotic. In a "I forgot what a spoon serves for" level. Clary was whining all the time. Jace was being sarcastic and overreacting all the time. And, I'm so sarcastic, but Jace was... Uhh, I dunno. He didn't manage to use sarcasm properly, I guess. The rest... Don't get me started with the rest.

So, 2 stars. Just because of Magnus Bane.




I had so many recommendations and saw a lot of things related to this book and I was almost loving it before reading it. I'm a huge fan of hunters, paranormal and all the stuff in this book. But I'm not a fan of this book. Nope.

Plot rating: 3 stars
Writing rating: 2 stars
Character developement: 2 stars

I had a hard time reading this book. The first part was so boring, almost unbearable. But I hate not finishing books so I left it for a while, read some others and then get back to reading it. Again, boring, boring, boring. At 50 or 60% done with the book, some more interesting things started happening and I was like


Yet so, it wasn't enough for me to say "this is a really good book". It's just a mneh book, with some plot twists I liked and some events that made me actually laugh.

The writing style

Kill me, please? It was laaaaaame. Basic, too damn basic. And, at times, the author tried to make her descriptions sound so poetic but all she managed to do is making them sound stupid and so cheesy. I did not like it at all, to be honest.

Plot twists


Most of them were so obvious I wanted to punch the author, my pc and myself. And the characters were so puzzled that I couldn't believe it. It was as if someone was telling them "2+2=4" and they were "wait, what?" Are you stupid? Like, really? You pretend to be super badasses and yet so you can't get your brains working as they should.

In the other hand, some of the events were funny like Simon turning into a rat, lol or even interesting... But the most interesting part was the end, if I may say. And not only because it meant I finished the book! The fact Clary is supposed to be Jace's sister made my face go WTF several times... Clary and Jace! Anyway, the last scene wasn't that much cool nor interesting. If I'm reading the next book, it's just because I want to know what happens between Clary and Jace... And because I don't like the fact of not finishing a series.


Clary, 15, normal teen. Has nothing very special, to be honest. Then everybody's like "wow you're so amazing, oh my, you're so... You're so amazing! And special!" but not for me. Nope. She keeps being that normal teen, in weird circumstancies, dealing with them awkwardly. Besides, some of her internal monologues... They were almost as bad as Ana's inner goddess monologues. I mean, she thought so many stupid things and had so many stupid reactions I couldn't help what wanting to


Clary, I am not amused. Not even a single bit. I don't really like you. No.

Then comes Jace... The prettiest, hottest a-hole you'll meet. Wait, what? Yep, that. His pride can destroy a whole universe, so beware! He's not that much intelligent either. It's just the typical bad boy you read about a hundred times.

Alec and Isabelle. I don't hate them, I don't love them. They weren't really developed if I think about it. I just know little things about them and their way of being. Plus, they're both hot. How impressive.

Magnus Bane... I WANT THAT. He wasn't developed either. He appeared just a few times and that's it. Such a pity.

The rest of the characters... Well, same as above. There's always the good guy that seems to be not that good, the bad guy Voldemort would be afraid of (HAHAHAHA... NO) and etc.



My high hopes flew away and now all I hope is that the next books won't be this disappointing. If so...

I Heart You, You Haunt Me - Lisa Schroeder Did I just read a book in two hours? My god, I did.

So, at first I was like "this writing is so weird in spanish". It was, but it's incredibly easy to read. And you -can't- stop reading.

Ava reminded me about me and I could feel what she felt. Her loss was so big, her love was so strong and it wouldn't vanish from one day to another. He wouldn't go either.

When Ava starts sensing her boyfriend is still around she thinks she's crazy, as anyone would. She sees him in her dreams, she feels him in the house when nobody else is around. He is the only thing she has, the only thing to make her happy... At first. Then it turns out to be more difficult than expected. She couldn't touch him, she couldn't kiss him and he wasn't there. Not the real Jackson. She couldn't tell anyone about him and she couldn't depend that much on a boy that was dead. She knew it.

Meeting Lyric will change everything for Ava. She'll start asking herself if "being" with Jackson was what she really wanted. She loved him, but she was no longer with her. He was dead. He was just a ghost. He won't ever be able to give her what she needed. But he loved her.

He is gonna be the one to make Ava see her guiltiness is what's pulling her down, deeper and deeper. He is gonna be the one to help Ava find some optimism and go back to normality, even if he's gone.

Overall, I really liked the story. I got so emotional, tears on my eyes and running down my cheeks, feeling as if I was the one living Ava's life. It wasn't the story of a whiny teen, of a silly love or anything else portrayed in other YA books. It was different. Even though she was just about to be sixteen years old, her feelings were real. Everything felt real. And I loved it.

La invención de Morel - Adolfo Bioy Casares Trama: 4 estrellas
Escritura: 1,5 estrellas

Veamos, lo tuve que leer para el colegio y fue mortalmente aburrido. Se me hizo insoportable y solo por una razón: la escritura. La manera de abordar y relatar la historia fue algo que no podía digerir, sin importar mi esfuerzo. No avanzaba más, no terminaba más y lo único que quería hacer era bajar el libro y dejar de leer para poder refrescar mi mente. Bioy Casares es demasiado pesado, lento... Ah, qué decir, simplemente su forma de escritura no va conmigo.

En cuanto a la historia, a la idea en sí, sí me gustó. Es una especie de Lost pero sin tanto lío y confusión fantástica. Es original a decir verdad y podría haber sido excelente si la hubiera desarrollado de una manera distinta.

¿Recomendaría este libro? Sí, porque, como dije, la idea en sí está muy buena. Además, hay gente que sí disfruta el estilo de Bioy Casares y seguramente disfrutarán de esta historia como yo no pude hacerlo.
Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started - Justin Bieber Why, world, oh why?


I just stumbled with more Justin Bieber books. WASN'T ENOUGH WITH THE FIRST? How more money do you pretend to gain? Oh my god, I'm literally about to break something. This is too much I just can't take it. BIEBER RELATED TO SEVERAL BOOKS.


While thousands of new and probably amazing authors out there wait to be published and get their stories to be known, this comes out. I'm sure the cultural value of this must be so high that there are no words to discribe it, right?


He's about twenty years old, right? Do you have that much story to tell about? Apparently not, as there's also a book about your mom's story. Oh, well, I'm sure that must be insteresting as hell.

I give up guys, I can't fight with marketing and maniac fangirls all over the world. This "book" is destined to have almost 5 fudging freaking stars and I... I simply quit. And I'm sure some authors would consider doing the same (Hell, no, please... Write! I'll read you, I swear!).

The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown I never understood why people went crazy with this book. Actually, it's pretty lame. The writing isn't that good and the plot is so predictable it just hurts. It's just another book made for popular audiences/readers, an easy read, something full of already written formulas.

I simply wouldn't recommend this book. There are much better stories out there, good thrillers that will actually make your brain work and do some effort. Get to read "The name of the rose" by Umberto Eco, which is way better than this stupid and bad written best seller.

PS: By the way, even the movie was boring and silly as hell. Just no.
The Simpsons Forever!: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family Continued - Matt Groening I bought this book several years ago and I remember that I felt in love with it when I saw it on the shelves. Of course, my rating is biased as I'm a huge fan of this show.

Stepping to the book, this ain't a read for someone who doesn't enjoy a bit too much The Simpsons. You won't find a story but a compilation of details, facts, quotes and other things about episodes, plus other stuff. It's a short read, just for fans.

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