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Book lover... Or should I call myself book addict for the best? I'm 21 years old and I'm from Italy, though I live in Argentina. I'm currently studying the Editing career. I enjoy many genres, including Sci-fi, Dystopia, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Historical fiction, Mystery and more.

First Step 2 Forever - Justin Bieber What the actual flying fuck is this?


I mean, really, what is this thing? Do we needed to see this not-male looking face even at book stores? DO WE NEEDED THIS?


I can't stand his stupid music, neither his stupid and marketable lyrics full of nonsense. and the girls actually believe he's so yabba-dabba, kind, gorgeous and yibbidy-dabbidy-do. So, just so you know my precious little things... He does this for money. All of what he does, it's to increase his popularity. No, he's not the awesometastic guy who cares so much about his fans and loves all of them and etcetera. No, no. He's a commercial product designed for your fangirling needs.

Stepping to the... Err, book. I can't take this seriously. Just... No. All the classics must be staring at this teen-y cover and may want to throw themselves away.


So, lets imagine that were books, okay? Poor books. REAL books. Not this piece of horrid marketing from an unbearable teen idol.


You, girls, boys, teens, adults, I don't care... Al of you that adore Justin Bieber and think this is the most awesome book ever. Go and read actually real books, books well written, with interesting stories. Books with great cultural value and not just monetary value. And remember, my dears, we are all immersed in a consumer society and this book is just a part of it. It's just a product designed by clever people who knew that millions of fangirling teens would buy it, getting themselves and JB richer than they already were.


The Diary of a Submissive: A True Story

Diary of a Submissive: A Modern True Tale of Sexual Awakening - Sophie Morgan image

This book was completely awful I couldn't manage to pass over 55% of it. It's just so gross, so... I have no words to explain myself.

I really can't understand why an intelligent, strong, independant woman would go through such things. Why humillating you that much? Why letting yourself be humillated in such awful ways? I kept reading and reading, trying to find the answer. But all I've got was the huge question mark of the main character, her sexual need and the shame and ire she felt. Then, I repeat, why going through all of that torture? Because, for Jesus freaking sake, that is torture.


I can't judge anyone because, seriously, if you find arousing being spanked or something, then go for it. But this was, uh, too much. At least for me, I just couldn't take it anymore. And she was, in part, glad of doing so! Come on, being treated like a whore is arousing? Being treated like an object, like an animal with no feelings is arousing? Well, let me answer. NO. JUST NO.


This book is utterly disturbing from my point of view. Too descriptive, too *insert here anything that can disturb your mind* So, if you're not into this type of things, I think you should avoid placing your eyes in this book as I, stupidly, did. You'll get a non-free trauma if doing so, I swear.

Jane Eyre - Michael Mason, Charlotte Brontë What can I say of this book? I love it and it's one of my all time favourites. So I start my review by recommending this book to any of you that still haven't read it and like Romance genre.

Jane Eyre lives with her uncle's family after their parents death. Her uncle dies not so long after and Mrs Reed has to take care of her as her husband commanded, even though she doesn't want Jane in her house, living with her children. Jane was, of course, mistreated by her aunt and by her cousins and had to put up with situations that she shouldn't have gone through.
Finally, Mrs Reed sends her to Lowood, a charity school for girls where Jane will stay in for eight years. After that, she gets a job as governess at Thornsfield Hall, where she'll meet Edward Rochester... And you can imagine what will happen.

Main characters
Jane is a truly independant woman. Kind, intelligent, she stays true to herself no matter what. Edward, in spite of all the mistakes that he committed, is a man looking for redemption. He's broken and find in Jane the way to be fixed, the way to know how to be a better man.

The rest
There are a few more characters that will be mentioned several times, like Mrs Reed, John Reed (oh, you'll hate these two), Adèle, Mrs Fairfax, John Rivers, Mary and Diana Rivers, but they aren't that much developed. Of course, there are descriptions about them but Brönte mostly focused on the vision Jane had about them.

Why do I recommend this book
First, because of its main character, because of Jane's fierceness and passion. Then, because of its plot and how the author managed not only to get you into the story but making you feel the pain Jane feels, the loneliness, the frustration, the love. It's impossible not to feel anything by reading this story.
Fifty Shades of Grey, Inner Goddess: A Journal - E.L. James image


What will include? A "How-to" plagiarize and win lots of money from it guide? Maybe some vocabulary tips? Or a "How-to" sexing up any scene guide?


Why? I mean, really, WHY? What did we all do to diserve this?
E. L. James, just so you know, you're as good in writing as a snail could be. A mothereffing snail.
And the editors of this expensive, utterly horrid fuckery... You don't even deserve to be called editors.

I think I'm actually gonna crawl to a distant corner to wait the end of the world arrive. Because this is clearly one of the signs of Apocalypse.

Mi planta de naranja lima - José Mauro de Vasconcelos Una historia triste que golpea y sacude nuestra propia realidad. El pequeño protagonista, nacido y criado en la miseria, nos muestra un mundo crudo en el que se desenvuelve con la picardía e imaginación digna de un niño para luego abrirse paso a una adultez impuesta marcada por la soledad, la angustia y el dolor.

Un libro hermoso, emocionante y totalmente recomendable.
Mi planta de naranja lima - José Mauro de Vasconcelos Una historia triste que golpea y sacude nuestra propia realidad. El pequeño protagonista, nacido y criado en la miseria, nos muestra un mundo crudo en el que se desenvuelve con la picardía e imaginación digna de un niño para luego abrirse paso a una adultez impuesta marcada por la soledad, la angustia y el dolor.

Un libro hermoso, emocionante y totalmente recomendable.
The Canterville Ghost - Oscar Wilde, Inga Moore I'm not gonna do a proper review about this book, but just a tiny personal opinion of it. Sir Simon was a perfect character and the author really got me into his story and the relation between him and the Otis family. And, yes, I hated those twins with a passion.

So, if you didn't read this, I recommend you to do so. But don't expect a supernatural plot. This is just the hauntingly story of a dead man looking for redemption and some peace after all.

El contrato

El contrato  - Catherine Bybee Current rating for the book itself (meaning for its writing and plot):2 1/2 stars

So, you may be asking why did I gave 4 stars instead... Well, the reason is simple. This book was better than expected. I enjoyed reading it and it was what I was looking for: an entertaining book, an easy read.

Stepping into the story. Well, it's nothing you haven't read or seen before. It's not that much original, to be sincere, but at least there's a clear main plot and it's not a "lets fuck like rabbits" story. So, not original, but okay.

Then we've got likeable main characters. Sam is a strong, decided woman while Blake... Well, he's an asshole at first but then he redeems himself. And we've got the bad guys, of course, which are Blake's dead father, Blake's cousin and his ex lover, Vanessa. You'll hate that bitch for multiple reasons, you'll see.

Overall, we have a pretty decent story with pretty decent characters. Why, then, the book itself -in my opinion- only deserves 2 and a half stars? Simple. It's so predictable. Besides, some things (if not the entire book) happen faster than they should. The lack of originality (though there may be some minor twists) is what finally brings it down as well.

Anyway, in spite of what I said in the paragraph right above, I give this book 4 stars for keeping me entertained, making me get mad at a character and getting me into the story. It was short, but I did enjoy it for sure.
The Awakening - L.J. Smith I read this book some time ago and, for some reason, I didn't continue reading the series... But I want to do so. This first book left me wanting to know more about the story and I felt that there was something missing. I liked it, but it wasn't a big deal.

Besides, Elena is not a character you'll love. It's not even a character you'll slightly like. But then Damon appears and we are all like "oh, you, sexy... Me wants".

Therefore, I don't think I'd recommend this book. It's basic, too simple and, of course, the story is full of cliches. It just good to entertain yourself (if so) when you have nothing else to do nor to read.
Bart Simpson's Guide to Life: A Wee Handbook for the Perplexed - Matt Groening I must admit that I read this book several times when a friend of mine lend it to me. I enjoyed it so, so much! I laughed a lot and loved the concept of it overall.

Will you enjoy it even if you're not a Simpson fan? Maybe. I believe that most probable you'll end up hating the "not-so-much-content-at-all" fact.
Will you enjoy it if you're a fan? Absolutely.

In a sum up, this book is just a fun and fast read, especially for young fans.
La Nona - Roberto Cossa Lo tuve que leer para el colegio hace unos años atrás y sinceramente me encantó (lo suficiente como para leerlo más de una vez). La acidez con la que describe a esta familia, principalmente a la nona, y cómo se van desarrollando los eventos de la historia me parecieron perfectos. Realmente me reí con esta corta obra de Cossa donde se combina el humor y la tragedia creando un perfecto ejemplo del grotesco criollo.

Sin dudas, un libro recomendable.
Destined to Play - Indigo Bloome This is me reading this book...

Reads first chapter

Gets bored

Reads some reviews

Steps to the very last pages and reads them

Closes pdf and laugh after staring for a while with a WTF face at the PC screen

The end

I'm not afraid to say this is one of the most horrible, senseless, silly book I had the chance to download. And I only downloaded it because it was a part of a pack of books I was kinda interested in.

Don't waste your time in this. Be smart, don't read it.
Oscuros (Oscuros, #1) - Lauren Kate Before reading it


I remember that I saw this book at one of my friends' house and I was "Can I has?". The beautiful cover (damn you, DAMN YOU) made me fall in love and she, of course, lent me the book.

After reading it


I'm asking myself why I did pick it by its cover. Seriously, I love all the paranormal stuff, I love angel/demons and anything related to it. But this book... It hadn't much sense at all.


First, the edition was awful (a ustedes, lectores en español, pateen esta edición de Montena lejos suyo porque es una vergüenza: faltas de gramática, puntuación incorrecta o faltante, errores garrafales en la escritura en sí...). Then, the writing style was awful as well. Finally, the characters...


LUCINDA PRICE, YOU'RE SO STUPID I WANT TO STRANGLE YOU TO DEATH. Okay, now I feel better. Lucinda was so boring, plain and silly I wanted to punch her face. The only thing she could do was looking at Daniel (or Cam), having a stupid monologue about how he treated her and how beautiful he was, having another monologue about that shadows that chased her... Well, she was only capable of having endless monologues about everything and anything. Doing anything somehow reasonable? OH, NAY. Never. Ever.


What about Daniel? The same young, perfect looking "bad" guy that any girl would love. So flawless that we all should praise him. Well, no. Daniel, you're a lot like Edward Cullen and that disgusts me. Fortunately, you don't sparkle. Wait, no... You kinda sparkle with that violet halo of yours. But, kudos, you are a fluffy winged fallen angel.


Cam... Oh, Cam, I think I liked you. Then you turned into a stupid asshole and you ruined it all.


Arriane... I think you're my favourite character. Lets write a book about you so Luce doesn't get all the attention.

Gabbe... Typical high school blonde brat. No big deal.


The rest of the characters... Oh, Y U SO PLAIN AND ALMOST INEXISTENT?


Overall, it's a bad book that I slightly liked on some parts of it. But most parts where so boring and... Stupid. I'm being repetitive but, yes, much of this story was stupid. Even if it's not clearly explained, because no one wants to tell Luce what's going on and, therefore, I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON. Come on! I know there are more books but... Lauren, couldn't you give us a little bit more of info? Just a tiny bit? No? Okay.

I DON'T recommend this book. Don't waste your money in this. Buy something better and get a version in Internet if you still want to read it. There are lots, I assure you.

Am I gonna read the next book? Yes, because I need to know what the heck is Luce. But I need to get mentally prepared before I start reading that crappy writing style once again.
Noches De Baile En El Infierno - Meg Cabot, Lauren Myracle, Kim Harrison, Michele Jaffe I'm writing a super tiny review about this book because I don't think that it deserves more than that, actually.

The book is, overall, bad. The stories are boring and/or senseless and the writing is mneh. Just... No. Not a book I'd buy for sure and, now that I think about it, I don't even know how I found it on the Internet and why the hell did I decide to give it a try. Such a big mistake.
Midnight Sun - Stephenie Meyer Oh my God, where do I begin with? I just don't really know what to say about this. I read it when in my "Oh Twilight, me likes" period and my face while reading this was... Uhm... Lets say that I almost fell asleep with this piece of whatever but art.

I yawned that much that I got worried about my mental and physical sanity, for real. It was utterly boring and it seemed that pages never went on, but backwards. I couldn't even finish it, I swear. Was it necessary to write this? Wasn't enought with all the Twilight saga? Do we need this book to prove Edward was an insane, obsessive, maniatic sparkling 108-yeard-old virgin vampire? Hell, no!

So, if you're a super Twilight lover, I'm sure you'll enjoy this because "it's from Eddie's POV, oh my gosh, oh, dying". If you slightly liked Twilight in the past or didn't like it at all, I suggest you to stay away from this fail attempt of a book. Same story with some little minor changes, same boring characters... It's like a pre-Fifty shades of Grey book, but without all the wanna-be-kinky sex scenes.
Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James This book is awful in many ways. There's absolutely nothing that I can say "well, this wasn't that bad" because the entire book was horrible.

The main plot (if I can say there's a plot, which I think it does not even exist) is just an abusive relationship that the author means to be love. Just NO.

What about the main character? Oh, dear Anastasia... She's one of the most stupid characters I have the misfortune to ever meet. The author meant to make her smart and independent, but she's silly, annoying, boring and, overall, so freaking dependent. For the sake of a pretty face she goes through things she does not agree with.

And then comes Mr Grey... James, did you think that by being attractive and having a dark past you made this character appealing and any good? Well, you didn't. He's a control freak, an abusive man that makes his terrible childhood the best excuse to treat women as he please: in the worst way, as objects.

Lets talk about the "relationship", that it's not even a relationship but something kinda weird. James pretends to know a thing about BDSM but, well, she doesn't. This ain't BSDM. There's no real agreement between Bella Anna and Edward Christian. She just "accepts" what she's going through because:
a) He's sexy-smexy.
b) He has a huge dick.
c) Did I say he is sexy?
d) She thinks she can change him and make him a better man.
Oh well, just so you know, you can't change someone because you just want to change him. That doesn't happen in reality, you see. An abusive guy will always be an abusive guy. End of discussion.

Finally, the writing style. Did you ever read fanfiction? Those utterly bad fanfiction? Then you may have stumbled with this piece. I'm asking myself if this had any editing at all. If it had, as an Editing career student, I feel really ashamed. If it hadn't... Well, I feel exactly the same because this series turned into a best selling series. I can't understand it, for real. The plain descriptions, the repetitive use of certain words and expressions makes the book unbearable and the characters, Anna precisely, look like idiots. I mean, Anna the-super-smart-virgin-girl constantly expresses herself with such a poor vocabulary.

Now, you may be asking yourselves why the hell did I read this book. I ask myself the same thing, actually. I didn't want to read it but, if I tortured myself by getting to know this story it's just because I made a project for university featuring this series. The fact that this was originally a fanfiction (a really bad one, jesus fudging christ) and turned magically into a best selling book was the perfect theme to analyze in my final exam.

So, in conclusion, I have an intense desire of burning this book. But I read it on my PC and I won't burn my poor electronic device. All I can do is warn you all... DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME IN THIS! If you want to read a romantic story or something erotic (oh, I didn't talk about this... The sex scenes were the most bizarre, senseless scenes I've ever read), just go and find another book. And, y'all young girls wanting a Christian Grey for yourselves... Get to use your brains, it's free. Anyway, if you want a dark, controlling man that wants to hurt you, hit you and make you do things you don't want nor agree with and won't ever love you for real... Go ahead, m'ladies. And if it doesn't work as expected, don't complain. You were warned about it.

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