Dark Lover - J.R. Ward I've been wanting to read this for months. And I finally did. I expected a lot from it due to the reviews I read. And guess what?

Drums please...


Oh, I'm so, so happy I get to read a book with great reviews and rating that doesn't disappoint me (as did Shatter Me and Divergent, for example).

The story isn't an "oh my god what a story, oh god", but it's good and entertaining enough to keep me reading. There is insta-love, which I don't particularly like, but I could put up with it. Wanna know why? THE CHARACTERS!

I liked all of them, especially Wrath, Tohrment and Rhage. But who wouldn't love sexy, too-manly-to-be-real, kickass vampires? I just want one of those for me!

The writing was pretty good, nothing from another world, but I couldn't stop reading, I swear. It's so addictive. So, if you like paranormal stuff, sexy and hot romance and kickass characters... Go for it!