Divergent - Veronica Roth

Actual rating: 2,5 stars

Another book that almost everybody loved and I just couldn't do so. I couldn't. I read and waited something to blow my mind. That never happened.

The idea of factions is quite interesting, but, to be sincere, Dauntless was more like dumbass-kinda-suicidal-selfish-kiddos instead of brave people. And I really disliked that.

Our main character, Tris, was... Boring. It was like reading Bella Swan combined with Anastasia Steele and any other character like those that may come up to your mind. Her acts are, most of times, illogical. Her way of thinking is a big and dark hole and I didn't want to know that much about her after all because I was like "go ahead Tris, get killed so this ends and someone more interesting takes your place". But, oh, well... That didn't happen. It'd have been interesting, you know.

Then comes Four, aka Tobias. He's okay, I think. An a**hole at times... Most of them, yeah. But it wasn't that bad. What it was bad was the romantic plot. THE ROMANCE, OH GOD.

Is it needed? I mean, seriously. Can't we just have a book where the main character isn't an overreacting, immature, teen girl that falls in love for the first time with the bad guy, who also is in love with her even when he was as cold as ice before meeting her? Ah... It's always the same story... Super spushal gurl meets super bad boy, they fall for each other, drama-llama everywhere, the CLIFFHANGER... I mean, the end. If you hate cliffhangers... You better get Insurgent soon or step away from this book. You read me? I'm serious!

Lets step to the plot... What plot? I don't know. Really, I don't. Nothing ever happens. It's Tris doing Dauntless' "sillycidal" stuff. More of that. Then more. Then everybody hates Tris. Then more stupidity. Stupidity also comes next. Fifty pages of some action, 75% predictable. The end. The story overall it's either so predictable or you don't know what's going on because nothing's clearly explained. Which is frustrating, because the book is long enough to fill those holes instead of being pages and pages of nothing.

The writing... Oh, I can't tell. I read a horrific translation that almost made me cry in some parts. I'm not talking about it.

Overall... I did not like it at all. I did not hate it either. It's just a "mneh" read that makes me wonder what's all the hype about. The only thing I loved about it? It was a very fast read so, booyah, I'm free to read other books I may enjoy more!

Aurevoir, Divergent. See you in never again