Dark Prince - Christine Feehan I did it. I finally finished it. After almost three years, I finished this damn book!

Oh, yeah, you read it right. THREE YEARS. I downloaded three years ago, started it, never finished it. I tried to read it once again several times. Nothing. The past year I tried again, couldn't get into it. And this year, oh, I just compelled myself to finish Dark Prince. It took several months (of not reading it) and I ended it in just a few hours (thanks God I got a tablet, if not... This book would still be unfinished).

What to say? I really don't know. I'm puzzled. There was too much sex I couldn't tell what was going on most of times. It starts with Mikhail meeting Raven and a few pages after (like, 5 or 6 pages, ha!) he's assaulting her sexually... MENTALLY! It was... Eh... I don't know.

The book goes on telling Raven and Mikhail's relationship and the Carpatian's problems and blah blah blah blah blah for too many pages. Seriously, the overall plot of this book could have been solved in 50 pages. There was sex. And sex. And sex. And keep going on with it. There's almost nothing more till the ending of the book, where Mikhail, our vampire prince, has to defeat a traitor. And then, the book ends with a SUPER MEGA HIPER WIDE OPENED ending (does that even make sense? I don't know what I'm typing anymore, oh sheesh).

I may be reading the next book because I want to know what happens next. But first I've got a ton of other nice books begging me to read them. So boo-bye for now, Carpatians. Don't miss me.