Uglies - Scott Westerfeld Oh God, this took forever! I was expecting a lot from this book and then I read the reviews... And I was like "Hold on, Erica, hold on. Read it and then make your own opinion about it". Care about it? Wanna now what I think about Uglies?

It sucks.


It's definitely not the worst book I have read but, anyways, it was painful to finish it. It bored me to death, really. Tally was... Was... Well, she was stupid, plain as simple like that. Even though she was supposed to be special and super smart and unique, she was just boring and super silly. And so selfish, also. Her thoughts are pathetic most of times. Ah,in a sum up, Tally will make you want to roll your eyes a gazillion times till they fall to the floor... Or something, I don't know.

The writing... Oh well, lets just say that's horrible as well. Repetitive, so simple and plain, it doesn't make the pace faster nor the story sound interesting. And the main idea of the book was cool. So, Uglies is a really good example of a good idea and an awful execution.

Then, you may ask why I gave it 2 stars... Just because I want to know what happens next. Lets see if it gets any better.