The Holy Bible (King James Version) - Anonymous Oh, dear lord, the reviews. THOSE REVIEWS. I just can't stop giggling.

Needless to say, I'm an atheist. Which is actually really funny, because I always use the expressions "Oh my god", "Oh god", "Dear lord", "Sweet jesus", "Mother of god" and a bunch more. Ha!

Anyway, I -of course- won't be rating this book as I didn't read it. I read some versicles (quite a lot, to be honest) of the new testament because I was compelled to in class (yes, I was educated on a religious secondary school). I respect those who believe this is god's sacred word, though I can't say I undertand them to be honest. However, I prefer to believe in science rather than in an almighty guy that's watching us from above, letting us destroy ourselves along with the world he created with that much effort.

And to finish this pointless review...

"I don't hate Jesus. I just can't stand his fans".

Have a nice day! =D