Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James This book is awful in many ways. There's absolutely nothing that I can say "well, this wasn't that bad" because the entire book was horrible.

The main plot (if I can say there's a plot, which I think it does not even exist) is just an abusive relationship that the author means to be love. Just NO.

What about the main character? Oh, dear Anastasia... She's one of the most stupid characters I have the misfortune to ever meet. The author meant to make her smart and independent, but she's silly, annoying, boring and, overall, so freaking dependent. For the sake of a pretty face she goes through things she does not agree with.

And then comes Mr Grey... James, did you think that by being attractive and having a dark past you made this character appealing and any good? Well, you didn't. He's a control freak, an abusive man that makes his terrible childhood the best excuse to treat women as he please: in the worst way, as objects.

Lets talk about the "relationship", that it's not even a relationship but something kinda weird. James pretends to know a thing about BDSM but, well, she doesn't. This ain't BSDM. There's no real agreement between Bella Anna and Edward Christian. She just "accepts" what she's going through because:
a) He's sexy-smexy.
b) He has a huge dick.
c) Did I say he is sexy?
d) She thinks she can change him and make him a better man.
Oh well, just so you know, you can't change someone because you just want to change him. That doesn't happen in reality, you see. An abusive guy will always be an abusive guy. End of discussion.

Finally, the writing style. Did you ever read fanfiction? Those utterly bad fanfiction? Then you may have stumbled with this piece. I'm asking myself if this had any editing at all. If it had, as an Editing career student, I feel really ashamed. If it hadn't... Well, I feel exactly the same because this series turned into a best selling series. I can't understand it, for real. The plain descriptions, the repetitive use of certain words and expressions makes the book unbearable and the characters, Anna precisely, look like idiots. I mean, Anna the-super-smart-virgin-girl constantly expresses herself with such a poor vocabulary.

Now, you may be asking yourselves why the hell did I read this book. I ask myself the same thing, actually. I didn't want to read it but, if I tortured myself by getting to know this story it's just because I made a project for university featuring this series. The fact that this was originally a fanfiction (a really bad one, jesus fudging christ) and turned magically into a best selling book was the perfect theme to analyze in my final exam.

So, in conclusion, I have an intense desire of burning this book. But I read it on my PC and I won't burn my poor electronic device. All I can do is warn you all... DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME IN THIS! If you want to read a romantic story or something erotic (oh, I didn't talk about this... The sex scenes were the most bizarre, senseless scenes I've ever read), just go and find another book. And, y'all young girls wanting a Christian Grey for yourselves... Get to use your brains, it's free. Anyway, if you want a dark, controlling man that wants to hurt you, hit you and make you do things you don't want nor agree with and won't ever love you for real... Go ahead, m'ladies. And if it doesn't work as expected, don't complain. You were warned about it.