City of Bones - Cassandra Clare Actual rating: 2.25 stars

EDIT July 21st Dropped the rating because... Well, after taking some time to think about it, 3 stars were too much for this. It took me a lot of time to finish it. I started reading it back in 2010 and left it because it bored the hell out of me. Then this year I told myself: go, grab that damn book (well, actually, open that PDF, lol) and read it just so you know what's the hype about. Needless to say, I still don't get what's the hype about.

The characters are, indeed, idiotic. In a "I forgot what a spoon serves for" level. Clary was whining all the time. Jace was being sarcastic and overreacting all the time. And, I'm so sarcastic, but Jace was... Uhh, I dunno. He didn't manage to use sarcasm properly, I guess. The rest... Don't get me started with the rest.

So, 2 stars. Just because of Magnus Bane.




I had so many recommendations and saw a lot of things related to this book and I was almost loving it before reading it. I'm a huge fan of hunters, paranormal and all the stuff in this book. But I'm not a fan of this book. Nope.

Plot rating: 3 stars
Writing rating: 2 stars
Character developement: 2 stars

I had a hard time reading this book. The first part was so boring, almost unbearable. But I hate not finishing books so I left it for a while, read some others and then get back to reading it. Again, boring, boring, boring. At 50 or 60% done with the book, some more interesting things started happening and I was like


Yet so, it wasn't enough for me to say "this is a really good book". It's just a mneh book, with some plot twists I liked and some events that made me actually laugh.

The writing style

Kill me, please? It was laaaaaame. Basic, too damn basic. And, at times, the author tried to make her descriptions sound so poetic but all she managed to do is making them sound stupid and so cheesy. I did not like it at all, to be honest.

Plot twists


Most of them were so obvious I wanted to punch the author, my pc and myself. And the characters were so puzzled that I couldn't believe it. It was as if someone was telling them "2+2=4" and they were "wait, what?" Are you stupid? Like, really? You pretend to be super badasses and yet so you can't get your brains working as they should.

In the other hand, some of the events were funny like Simon turning into a rat, lol or even interesting... But the most interesting part was the end, if I may say. And not only because it meant I finished the book! The fact Clary is supposed to be Jace's sister made my face go WTF several times... Clary and Jace! Anyway, the last scene wasn't that much cool nor interesting. If I'm reading the next book, it's just because I want to know what happens between Clary and Jace... And because I don't like the fact of not finishing a series.


Clary, 15, normal teen. Has nothing very special, to be honest. Then everybody's like "wow you're so amazing, oh my, you're so... You're so amazing! And special!" but not for me. Nope. She keeps being that normal teen, in weird circumstancies, dealing with them awkwardly. Besides, some of her internal monologues... They were almost as bad as Ana's inner goddess monologues. I mean, she thought so many stupid things and had so many stupid reactions I couldn't help what wanting to


Clary, I am not amused. Not even a single bit. I don't really like you. No.

Then comes Jace... The prettiest, hottest a-hole you'll meet. Wait, what? Yep, that. His pride can destroy a whole universe, so beware! He's not that much intelligent either. It's just the typical bad boy you read about a hundred times.

Alec and Isabelle. I don't hate them, I don't love them. They weren't really developed if I think about it. I just know little things about them and their way of being. Plus, they're both hot. How impressive.

Magnus Bane... I WANT THAT. He wasn't developed either. He appeared just a few times and that's it. Such a pity.

The rest of the characters... Well, same as above. There's always the good guy that seems to be not that good, the bad guy Voldemort would be afraid of (HAHAHAHA... NO) and etc.



My high hopes flew away and now all I hope is that the next books won't be this disappointing. If so...