Bared to You - Sylvia Day Oh God, oh God... I'm never picking up a book just by this sake of curiosity I had. Like ever. I mean it.

This book... No, I just can't talk about this as a book. I have nothing against erotica, you know? But this was just porn, full filling pages over pages. And over and over and over again. Gideon and Eva had a problem? Easy, lets have sex to solve it. They fight, they have sex. They argue, they have sex. It doesn't matter what happens after all, everything serves as excuse for sex. Sex. Sex. SEX.

Yes, that's pretty much the entire "book", from now on, thing. There's no story at all. There's no romance either. I mean, Eva sees Gideon for the first time and she's instantly starstruck. Got it, it may happen as he's so handsome and such. But then, she's in love the second time she sees him. And after the first time they have sex, well, they're both in love. Blah, blah, F*CK OFF INSTA-LOVE. You know I do hate you with a great passion! And then, it's all about sex.

You'll probably be asking yourselves why the hell am I giving this two stars. Well, I swear that this thing made me laugh almost all the way. Oh, boy, it did. There are some epic quotes from Eva which made her somehow likeable at first, but then she turned out to be a kiddo in disguise whining all the time and being over dramatic. I wanted to slap her, slap her hard. Then, the references to Gideon's impressive manliness. Oh Gosh! Seriously, you gotta read that guys, it was so damn funny and senseless I wanted to cry! Instead, I laughed incontrollably with my friends and asked for their opinion. Let me say that both guys almost died laughing as well. Ridiculous, the sex descriptions ended up being ridiculous. But, hey, they gave me a good laugh! That's something... But, in the end, laugh was replaced by boredom. It was like seeing the same scene in replay. Once. Twice. Hell, it repeated too many times I lost the count.

So, I enjoyed the half of the book, because it was so stupid. Really, there was no plot more than the whining of Gideon and Eva and them having sex. Repeat that for 350 pages and there you go, you have a best seller. And, yes, in some points is similar to Fifty Shades of Grey. But let me point out something. This is much better than that other crap. Gideon is a bit (oh, just a bit?) of a control freak. But he does like Eva. He doesn't want to hit her nor do anything scary or creepy. And Eva is really more likeable than Ana, maybe because she has some attitude. But mainly because she doesn't have an inner goddess. Yeah, that's it. And, last, Sylvia Day manages to write somehow decently, which E. L. James doesn't. I mean, I'm sure that a primary student would be better at writing than E. L. James. It's not that much difficult.

In a sum up, I did not like it. This wasn't a good story and I got fed up with the horrendous amount of sex scenes. I don't think I'll pick up the next book of the series, nope. The first sex scene was hot, yeah. The others, not so much. The characters where "mneh". The story... What story? They're both f*cked up so... They just f*ck.


P.S.: something that freaked me out a lot about this, which I think it's a bit disrespectful for victims of abuse. You can't just talk about how you've been raped repeatedly for years and miscarried a baby... And an instant later feel worried about telling those things because YOU THINK HE'S NOT GONNA LIKE YOU AND WANT TO HAVE THAT ROUGH SEX WITH YOU. No, you just don't think about that!