Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi I wanted to love this book so much. IT'S A DYSTOPIA, THEY SAID. IT'S AWESOME, THEY SAID.


My gawd, I liked only two things about it. First one, the idea of a government wanting to erase our past (which made me go all "aksjdkasjdkasjdkasd" at first... If only this was portrayed in the book, oh God). Second... Finishing this book.

The writing

I could put up with the first 100 pages or so. It seemed original, different, and I liked that. But then it was... Uhh, it was awful. Metaphors had no sense at all and I found myself like this


Like, WTF DID I JUST READ? Does -that- actually mean something? Endless paragraphs to express something that could have been said in two lines. The fact that she wanted so hard to sound smart and poetic showed off through the entire book. She wanted it, yet so didn't accomplished it.

Besides, the repetitions... It was, was, was all like this, this, this. All. The. Time. The punctuation ended up being weird and I was about to stop reading this book because I couldn't bear with it. But I hate not finishing books.

The plot

Dystopia? What dystopia? This is one of the most crappiest romances ever, set on a dystopian environment. But this ain't about a dystopia, that I can say.

So, in a sum up, is the story of a kinda psycho girl that's been in reclusion for almost 300 days that can't touch people because of her special power. If doing so, she drains people lives, and that's the main reason of being locked up alone.Then she meets Adam, the super hot guy she knew since they were kids and starts "falling in love". And, I don't know how, from one moment to the other, everybody's in love with her and/or want to bang her. And she wants that as well, but yet so can't get laid. The end.

Overall, this story was so boring and frustrating. The idea first shown about the government caught my eye and I thought it was kickass and then all I got to read was about Juliette complaining once, twice, a third time... COMPLAINTS EVERYFUCKINWHERE. An emo yabba-dabba that will make you want to rip your eyes off. Not to mention that, in spite of this "oh gosh, I can't touch people, I can't be touched, oh, oh, sadness, pouty, pout, pout", she appears to think each guy she meets is incredibly handsome and beautiful and... HORMONES ATTACK!

And the ending... Seriously? SERIOUSLY? The fact that it was a copy of X-Men that had no sense at all in the story made me want to punch my PC. Not cool.


So, nope. Not an interesting plot. Not a real, clear plot, either.



Whiny, whiny little biatch... So, she's been in reclusion, without seeing the sun, without eating properly, in totally unhealthy conditions. Instead of being mentally and physically f*cked up, everybody think she's the most beatiful and sexy girl ever. Really? To be sincere, all I got from this character was a hormone overdoze.


Here you go, Juliette. Cool yourself a bit before you jump over any of the guys surrounding you.


Err... Such convenient that he can touch Juliette! Oh, that must be real love guys. That must be!


Typical YA guy. Supermodel outside, somehow broken inside. It's the bad guy that it's not bad. Woot, woot, props on the originality.


Psycho with no limits, he's obsessed with Juliette (and not to mention the scene of both making out... She was grossed out but at the same time enjoying it. Like, wit, what?) and wants her by his side, no matter the costs. Bad guy. Bad, bad guy with mental issues. Oh, and guess what? He can touch Juliette too without being affected! Boyaah, that's having lots of luck dude!



Why this has to be a series? I don't want to go through the next books, yet so I don't want to leave the series unfinished. But, by now, for me it's over.