Fifty Shades Freed - E.L. James I just can't understand why people actually likes this series. Even, I can't understand why they say it's so damn good. I just can't. The writing style is painful to read. Lets face it, E. L. James writes awfully. Then, the plot... What plot? Ana and Christian are broken, they have a problem, they have sex, they have another problem, yet again sex. Repeat all over three books and get a bestseller.

Seriously, I think this is one of the most horrible series ever. The depth of the characters is non existent. The relationship between Ana and Christian makes me want to rip off my eyes. HE IS AN ABUSIVE GUY. For all of you out there, THAT'S NOT OKAY. THAT'S NOT ROMANTIC. He needs treatment as well as Ana and her no self respect. For Jesus sake, he blatantly abuses her in all possible ways and yet so she's all like "oh, well, it's okay, he's hot and we have sex". And all of you, fans, are like that too! Why don't you just imagine Christian as an ugly, poor guy, huh? Try that out! I'm sure you won't find that any sexy, nor will find sexy his horrid, abusive fuckery. Christian is not a perfect, lovable man. He's a sick, manipulative bastard. His past isn't an excuse for treating women as he does.