Viral Nation - Shaunta Grimes This ARC was provided in exchange for a honest review

Review is gonna be posted in a few hours. By now, all I can say is... I NEED THE SECOND BOOK RIGHT NOW. LIKE... NOW! What did you do to me, Grimes? D:

What to say, what to say? This was a hell of a ride!

Did I enjoy it? Yes, oh yes, I did!
Do I recommend it? Of course! If you like dystopia/post-apocalyptic/sci-fi books, give it a try.

The blurb doesn't sound as interesting as the book is, to be sincere. The cover is awesome, though. So, the story happens sixteen years after the outbreak of a virus that get killed almost the whole population. Things are more than just different from what they used to be. People need to get daily doses of the suppressant, which keeps the virus under control and stops another possible outbreak. Now people live in walled cities, get smal rations of food and electricity and their lives are pretty much controlled since they're born to their death.
Our main character, Clover, is a sixteen year old girl with autism. She lives with her brother West, as their mother died and their father works for the Compañy as executioner. Yes, you read right. Sixteen years before a passage to another time loop was found. A time loop with two years of difference, which permited the government know what would happen and handle with crimes before they were commited by killing those who were supposed to commit them.
Nobody ever went ahead the system. But Clover and West will find themselves questioning it after Clover travels to the other time loop.

I can't tell anymore without spoiling you guys, so you must find out by yourselves how the story keeps on going. I'll just say you that you're gonna like the characters involved in this story. Clover, West, Jude, the other Freaks and even Mango (Clover's dog) are really likeable.


-Good writing. I liked the style and how it made me want to read more and more and more. It's really fast paced.
-Good plot and plot twists. It reminded me, in part, to Fringe, combined with others dystopian and sci-fi details. Besides, it's not another crappy romantic story settled on a dystopian environment. If you expect romance, you won't get much, really.
-Nice characters. They're not boring, they're not the typical hormonal, teeny-weeny characters whining all around about their sorry life and lack of luck. They're, besides, well developed.


-The ending. I really wanted to know a bit more about what's coming up! But now I need to wait to the next book. Is it coming in a few days, right? RIGHT? D: