Blood and Snow: The Complete Set - RaShelle Workman Volume 12 in this series rating: 4 stars
Complete series rating: 3,5-4 stars

About the 12th volume

So, there happened things I did expect, yep. Oh, Snow White, I knew it was gonna happen something like what happened to Silindra, I knew it! That's why I never trusted Christopher. Stepping aside that, some other things blew my mind and socks! So, yeah, a good read overall, in spite of some details that I didn't like at all (because I didn't find they had any sense).

About the complete series

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Did I enjoy it? Yeah, quite a lot.
Do I recommend it? Yes, to those who love paranormal stories with interesting twists. And/Or those who love Disney princesses. I love both so... You see why I liked it!


-Fast read

-Decent writing

-Interesting development through out the entire series

-Lovely characters (who doesn't love those brothers? And what about Cindy?)

-Cool plot twists


-Some minor editing needed (really, it's not a con but there are a few mistakes in each book)

-Everything happens so fast. Like, so fast. All the characters seem to take everything way to easy. I mean, they're shocked for five minutes and then everything is back to normal.

-More character development needed. It's not that there isn't, but I'd loved to get to know them some more. What they felt, why they reacted in their ways, etc. I felt that some more describing of those aspects would have made the books better.


I think the author did a good job in this. It amused me, it infuriated me, it made me sad in the moments the main characters felt in that way. I felt sorry for Snow, for Dorian, for Pops, I giggled like crazy and was all "whoa"... I had all the possible feelings. And, I always say it, when a book makes me feel as the characters would, it must be a good book.