Eye of Abernathy (Blood and Snow #10) - RaShelle Workman Oh my gawd, that was so fun and epic!

First, this Mulan thing. Yes, MULAN guys! It appears to be Kenmei's wife, oh yes. It does not happen that much, being honest. Snow finds out that she -really- loves her Hunter, which we already knew but... Oh, well. She had to confirm it, apparently. And he wants to get all romantic with her, if you know what I mean *wink wink*. Then, after Snow and Cindy cast a spell, both of them and also Gabe and Dorian (weird way how they ended up with them) arrive to Abernathy's cave.

*insert some chit-chat here and there*
*insert some clues*
*insert some weirdness*

I can't tell what happens next, you've got to find by yourselves. But I'll leave this quote, which made an epic ending

"Dorian snorted. "Okay, where's the mermaid with long, red hair. What's her name?"
"Ariel," I answered softly. "My mother's name is Ariel".

Happy reading guys!