The Lonely Hearts Club - Elizabeth Eulberg What to say about this book? I LOVED IT! I really did, loved everything about it.

Lets start with the story...

Penny Lane Bloom suffers a -big- disappointment with a guy, Nate, who she was in love with. After that, she decides that the best she can do is avoid dating guys and creates The Lonely Hearts Club, inspired by one of the Beatles' songs. And from being the only member of it, she then discovers herself as part of a huge group of girls that think as she does. Girls that are true friends and will stand with her no matter what.

Everything is perfect till she realizes that the club, even though it pull them all together, was also a sacrifice. By the rule of not dating any guy, she and the rest were risking valuable opportunities with guys who were worth it.

I can't tell anything else without spoiling you guys, so you have to read the book to find out! But let me just say that this book isn't just about heartbreaks and "oh, guys are so idiotic, SINGLE PARTEEEH". It's about friendship, about self respect, about learning to love ourselves, about trust.


Penny is totally lovable. I mean, she's a sixteen year old girl, but not the whiny type you're tired of reading about. This character evolves through the entire story, as well as the rest do. Tracy and Diane, her best friends, are those type of friends you -need- to have around. And Ryan... Oh my gosh, can I buy one of those? Where do I find 'em?

Sincerely, you'll love the characters that are meant to be loved and hate those meant to be hated, as Nate and Missy for instance. Oh, Nate... Such a moronic a*hole. And, the most important thing... They -all- have flaws. Even those that are seen as perfect by everyone have them and the author portrays 'em, focusing on the fact that the pressure to be perfect affects them.


Do not expect a spectacular writing style, because it's not what you'll get. Is a simple, decent style that makes the reading of the book fast paced and easy. And you can't stop reading, I assure you. I just wanted to read the first chapter... And couldn't stop till I finished the book three hours later.


It's a simple story that I felt related to, and I think that's why I loved it so much. The fierceness that Penny showed, the friendship that grew between her and her club's members, the message overall of not changing ourselves and way of being just because of what others expect and/or want from us... One of my favorite reads of this year, for sure.