Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen, Anna Quindlen Well, well, well... First of all, I must say I wish I liked this one even more. I think I like the movie better (the one with Keira, yep).

Stepping to the book... I adored some parts and in others I just wanted to throw the book away and yell for an hour or so. Lydia drove me mad and I hated her so much I wanted to hit her with something. She was so silly and superficial I couldn't handle it.

Then, the other sisters... Well, Mary was... Weird, if so. Jane was so naïve, like sooooo naïve. Lizzy is the one I liked the most for sure, but I couldn't get into her story that well. I just couldn't feel what she felt most of times, nor understood some thoughts and reactions.

And getting to the most wonderful thing... DARCY! I just love him. A lot. More than a lot, actually. Even though he seemed a total a-hole at first, he's so caring and good hearted that I almost start shouting at Lizzy when she rejected him. And I was on my way to university, by bus... I can tell some people stared at me because of my infuriated expression. I swear.

Oh, well, enough of Evey ranting. I enjoyed this book, and I recommend it, though some characters were a tad too superficial and hollow.