Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started - Justin Bieber Why, world, oh why?

I just stumbled with more Justin Bieber books. WASN'T ENOUGH WITH THE FIRST? How more money do you pretend to gain? Oh my god, I'm literally about to break something. This is too much I just can't take it. BIEBER RELATED TO SEVERAL BOOKS.

While thousands of new and probably amazing authors out there wait to be published and get their stories to be known, this comes out. I'm sure the cultural value of this must be so high that there are no words to discribe it, right?

He's about twenty years old, right? Do you have that much story to tell about? Apparently not, as there's also a book about your mom's story. Oh, well, I'm sure that must be insteresting as hell.

I give up guys, I can't fight with marketing and maniac fangirls all over the world. This "book" is destined to have almost 5 fudging freaking stars and I... I simply quit. And I'm sure some authors would consider doing the same (Hell, no, please... Write! I'll read you, I swear!).