First Step 2 Forever - Justin Bieber What the actual flying fuck is this?

I mean, really, what is this thing? Do we needed to see this not-male looking face even at book stores? DO WE NEEDED THIS?

I can't stand his stupid music, neither his stupid and marketable lyrics full of nonsense. and the girls actually believe he's so yabba-dabba, kind, gorgeous and yibbidy-dabbidy-do. So, just so you know my precious little things... He does this for money. All of what he does, it's to increase his popularity. No, he's not the awesometastic guy who cares so much about his fans and loves all of them and etcetera. No, no. He's a commercial product designed for your fangirling needs.

Stepping to the... Err, book. I can't take this seriously. Just... No. All the classics must be staring at this teen-y cover and may want to throw themselves away.

So, lets imagine that were books, okay? Poor books. REAL books. Not this piece of horrid marketing from an unbearable teen idol.

You, girls, boys, teens, adults, I don't care... Al of you that adore Justin Bieber and think this is the most awesome book ever. Go and read actually real books, books well written, with interesting stories. Books with great cultural value and not just monetary value. And remember, my dears, we are all immersed in a consumer society and this book is just a part of it. It's just a product designed by clever people who knew that millions of fangirling teens would buy it, getting themselves and JB richer than they already were.