I Heart You, You Haunt Me - Lisa Schroeder Did I just read a book in two hours? My god, I did.

So, at first I was like "this writing is so weird in spanish". It was, but it's incredibly easy to read. And you -can't- stop reading.

Ava reminded me about me and I could feel what she felt. Her loss was so big, her love was so strong and it wouldn't vanish from one day to another. He wouldn't go either.

When Ava starts sensing her boyfriend is still around she thinks she's crazy, as anyone would. She sees him in her dreams, she feels him in the house when nobody else is around. He is the only thing she has, the only thing to make her happy... At first. Then it turns out to be more difficult than expected. She couldn't touch him, she couldn't kiss him and he wasn't there. Not the real Jackson. She couldn't tell anyone about him and she couldn't depend that much on a boy that was dead. She knew it.

Meeting Lyric will change everything for Ava. She'll start asking herself if "being" with Jackson was what she really wanted. She loved him, but she was no longer with her. He was dead. He was just a ghost. He won't ever be able to give her what she needed. But he loved her.

He is gonna be the one to make Ava see her guiltiness is what's pulling her down, deeper and deeper. He is gonna be the one to help Ava find some optimism and go back to normality, even if he's gone.

Overall, I really liked the story. I got so emotional, tears on my eyes and running down my cheeks, feeling as if I was the one living Ava's life. It wasn't the story of a whiny teen, of a silly love or anything else portrayed in other YA books. It was different. Even though she was just about to be sixteen years old, her feelings were real. Everything felt real. And I loved it.