Jane Eyre - Michael Mason, Charlotte Brontë What can I say of this book? I love it and it's one of my all time favourites. So I start my review by recommending this book to any of you that still haven't read it and like Romance genre.

Jane Eyre lives with her uncle's family after their parents death. Her uncle dies not so long after and Mrs Reed has to take care of her as her husband commanded, even though she doesn't want Jane in her house, living with her children. Jane was, of course, mistreated by her aunt and by her cousins and had to put up with situations that she shouldn't have gone through.
Finally, Mrs Reed sends her to Lowood, a charity school for girls where Jane will stay in for eight years. After that, she gets a job as governess at Thornsfield Hall, where she'll meet Edward Rochester... And you can imagine what will happen.

Main characters
Jane is a truly independant woman. Kind, intelligent, she stays true to herself no matter what. Edward, in spite of all the mistakes that he committed, is a man looking for redemption. He's broken and find in Jane the way to be fixed, the way to know how to be a better man.

The rest
There are a few more characters that will be mentioned several times, like Mrs Reed, John Reed (oh, you'll hate these two), Adèle, Mrs Fairfax, John Rivers, Mary and Diana Rivers, but they aren't that much developed. Of course, there are descriptions about them but Brönte mostly focused on the vision Jane had about them.

Why do I recommend this book
First, because of its main character, because of Jane's fierceness and passion. Then, because of its plot and how the author managed not only to get you into the story but making you feel the pain Jane feels, the loneliness, the frustration, the love. It's impossible not to feel anything by reading this story.