Oscuros (Oscuros, #1) - Lauren Kate Before reading it

I remember that I saw this book at one of my friends' house and I was "Can I has?". The beautiful cover (damn you, DAMN YOU) made me fall in love and she, of course, lent me the book.

After reading it

I'm asking myself why I did pick it by its cover. Seriously, I love all the paranormal stuff, I love angel/demons and anything related to it. But this book... It hadn't much sense at all.

First, the edition was awful (a ustedes, lectores en español, pateen esta edición de Montena lejos suyo porque es una vergüenza: faltas de gramática, puntuación incorrecta o faltante, errores garrafales en la escritura en sí...). Then, the writing style was awful as well. Finally, the characters...

LUCINDA PRICE, YOU'RE SO STUPID I WANT TO STRANGLE YOU TO DEATH. Okay, now I feel better. Lucinda was so boring, plain and silly I wanted to punch her face. The only thing she could do was looking at Daniel (or Cam), having a stupid monologue about how he treated her and how beautiful he was, having another monologue about that shadows that chased her... Well, she was only capable of having endless monologues about everything and anything. Doing anything somehow reasonable? OH, NAY. Never. Ever.

What about Daniel? The same young, perfect looking "bad" guy that any girl would love. So flawless that we all should praise him. Well, no. Daniel, you're a lot like Edward Cullen and that disgusts me. Fortunately, you don't sparkle. Wait, no... You kinda sparkle with that violet halo of yours. But, kudos, you are a fluffy winged fallen angel.

Cam... Oh, Cam, I think I liked you. Then you turned into a stupid asshole and you ruined it all.

The rest of the characters... Oh, Y U SO PLAIN AND ALMOST INEXISTENT?

Overall, it's a bad book that I slightly liked on some parts of it. But most parts where so boring and... Stupid. I'm being repetitive but, yes, much of this story was stupid. Even if it's not clearly explained, because no one wants to tell Luce what's going on and, therefore, I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON. Come on! I know there are more books but... Lauren, couldn't you give us a little bit more of info? Just a tiny bit? No? Okay.

I DON'T recommend this book. Don't waste your money in this. Buy something better and get a version in Internet if you still want to read it. There are lots, I assure you.

Am I gonna read the next book? Yes, because I need to know what the heck is Luce. But I need to get mentally prepared before I start reading that crappy writing style once again.