Midnight Sun - Stephenie Meyer Oh my God, where do I begin with? I just don't really know what to say about this. I read it when in my "Oh Twilight, me likes" period and my face while reading this was... Uhm... Lets say that I almost fell asleep with this piece of whatever but art.

I yawned that much that I got worried about my mental and physical sanity, for real. It was utterly boring and it seemed that pages never went on, but backwards. I couldn't even finish it, I swear. Was it necessary to write this? Wasn't enought with all the Twilight saga? Do we need this book to prove Edward was an insane, obsessive, maniatic sparkling 108-yeard-old virgin vampire? Hell, no!

So, if you're a super Twilight lover, I'm sure you'll enjoy this because "it's from Eddie's POV, oh my gosh, oh, dying". If you slightly liked Twilight in the past or didn't like it at all, I suggest you to stay away from this fail attempt of a book. Same story with some little minor changes, same boring characters... It's like a pre-Fifty shades of Grey book, but without all the wanna-be-kinky sex scenes.