The Diary of a Submissive: A True Story

Diary of a Submissive: A Modern True Tale of Sexual Awakening - Sophie Morgan

This book was completely awful I couldn't manage to pass over 55% of it. It's just so gross, so... I have no words to explain myself.

I really can't understand why an intelligent, strong, independant woman would go through such things. Why humillating you that much? Why letting yourself be humillated in such awful ways? I kept reading and reading, trying to find the answer. But all I've got was the huge question mark of the main character, her sexual need and the shame and ire she felt. Then, I repeat, why going through all of that torture? Because, for Jesus freaking sake, that is torture.

I can't judge anyone because, seriously, if you find arousing being spanked or something, then go for it. But this was, uh, too much. At least for me, I just couldn't take it anymore. And she was, in part, glad of doing so! Come on, being treated like a whore is arousing? Being treated like an object, like an animal with no feelings is arousing? Well, let me answer. NO. JUST NO.

This book is utterly disturbing from my point of view. Too descriptive, too *insert here anything that can disturb your mind* So, if you're not into this type of things, I think you should avoid placing your eyes in this book as I, stupidly, did. You'll get a non-free trauma if doing so, I swear.