El contrato

El contrato  - Catherine Bybee Current rating for the book itself (meaning for its writing and plot):2 1/2 stars

So, you may be asking why did I gave 4 stars instead... Well, the reason is simple. This book was better than expected. I enjoyed reading it and it was what I was looking for: an entertaining book, an easy read.

Stepping into the story. Well, it's nothing you haven't read or seen before. It's not that much original, to be sincere, but at least there's a clear main plot and it's not a "lets fuck like rabbits" story. So, not original, but okay.

Then we've got likeable main characters. Sam is a strong, decided woman while Blake... Well, he's an asshole at first but then he redeems himself. And we've got the bad guys, of course, which are Blake's dead father, Blake's cousin and his ex lover, Vanessa. You'll hate that bitch for multiple reasons, you'll see.

Overall, we have a pretty decent story with pretty decent characters. Why, then, the book itself -in my opinion- only deserves 2 and a half stars? Simple. It's so predictable. Besides, some things (if not the entire book) happen faster than they should. The lack of originality (though there may be some minor twists) is what finally brings it down as well.

Anyway, in spite of what I said in the paragraph right above, I give this book 4 stars for keeping me entertained, making me get mad at a character and getting me into the story. It was short, but I did enjoy it for sure.