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Book lover... Or should I call myself book addict for the best? I'm 21 years old and I'm from Italy, though I live in Argentina. I'm currently studying the Editing career. I enjoy many genres, including Sci-fi, Dystopia, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Historical fiction, Mystery and more.

Eye of Abernathy (Blood and Snow #10) - RaShelle Workman Oh my gawd, that was so fun and epic!

First, this Mulan thing. Yes, MULAN guys! It appears to be Kenmei's wife, oh yes. It does not happen that much, being honest. Snow finds out that she -really- loves her Hunter, which we already knew but... Oh, well. She had to confirm it, apparently. And he wants to get all romantic with her, if you know what I mean *wink wink*. Then, after Snow and Cindy cast a spell, both of them and also Gabe and Dorian (weird way how they ended up with them) arrive to Abernathy's cave.

*insert some chit-chat here and there*
*insert some clues*
*insert some weirdness*

I can't tell what happens next, you've got to find by yourselves. But I'll leave this quote, which made an epic ending

"Dorian snorted. "Okay, where's the mermaid with long, red hair. What's her name?"
"Ariel," I answered softly. "My mother's name is Ariel".

Happy reading guys!
Halo - Alexandra Adornetto I had a good laugh by reading other's experiences with this book. I mean, just look at the first page reviews! One star, one star, one star... And it goes on an on. The best review has two freaking stars!

And this got published. How? I'm still asking myself that as well. I may not be a good editor, after all.
Love Bleeds (Blood and Snow #9) - RaShelle Workman So, Snow wakes up and gets to know what happened during her two years beauty sleep (lol xD). And we finally have some Dorian & Christopher sexy scenes, booyah! But, yet again, everything happens so fast! And Snow gets used to everything as it was the most normal thing ever. Like, hell, no! She's "oh my gosh, WHAT?!" and a minute after is "oh, it's okay, is how it should be". Besides, proffesor Pops wants her to finish her studies... Really? I mean, she's a vamp. In danger. Hunted down by Sharra. I think she already has enough problems to deal with, Pops.
The Lonely Hearts Club - Elizabeth Eulberg What to say about this book? I LOVED IT! I really did, loved everything about it.

Lets start with the story...

Penny Lane Bloom suffers a -big- disappointment with a guy, Nate, who she was in love with. After that, she decides that the best she can do is avoid dating guys and creates The Lonely Hearts Club, inspired by one of the Beatles' songs. And from being the only member of it, she then discovers herself as part of a huge group of girls that think as she does. Girls that are true friends and will stand with her no matter what.

Everything is perfect till she realizes that the club, even though it pull them all together, was also a sacrifice. By the rule of not dating any guy, she and the rest were risking valuable opportunities with guys who were worth it.

I can't tell anything else without spoiling you guys, so you have to read the book to find out! But let me just say that this book isn't just about heartbreaks and "oh, guys are so idiotic, SINGLE PARTEEEH". It's about friendship, about self respect, about learning to love ourselves, about trust.


Penny is totally lovable. I mean, she's a sixteen year old girl, but not the whiny type you're tired of reading about. This character evolves through the entire story, as well as the rest do. Tracy and Diane, her best friends, are those type of friends you -need- to have around. And Ryan... Oh my gosh, can I buy one of those? Where do I find 'em?

Sincerely, you'll love the characters that are meant to be loved and hate those meant to be hated, as Nate and Missy for instance. Oh, Nate... Such a moronic a*hole. And, the most important thing... They -all- have flaws. Even those that are seen as perfect by everyone have them and the author portrays 'em, focusing on the fact that the pressure to be perfect affects them.


Do not expect a spectacular writing style, because it's not what you'll get. Is a simple, decent style that makes the reading of the book fast paced and easy. And you can't stop reading, I assure you. I just wanted to read the first chapter... And couldn't stop till I finished the book three hours later.


It's a simple story that I felt related to, and I think that's why I loved it so much. The fierceness that Penny showed, the friendship that grew between her and her club's members, the message overall of not changing ourselves and way of being just because of what others expect and/or want from us... One of my favorite reads of this year, for sure.
Telltale Kisses (Blood and Snow, #8) - RaShelle Workman 3,5 stars rating

So, there are some minor editing issues and the fact that "you're" was used instead of "your" in two different opportunities drove me a little mad. Buuuut... We get to know an important fact of why Snow's when in such a long slumber. Interesting overall, though I really didn't like that much Silindra. Besides, her trust in Gabriel made me want to bitch slap her!

Complete review coming soon, on the edition of the whole series
Seal of Gabriel (Blood and Snow, #7) - RaShelle Workman I didn't enjoy this one as much as the rest, mainly because it turned out to be pretty much confusing by mixing Snow White's and Silindra's scenes in such way. Besides, this Silindra thing with the Seal was a bit odd and, in parts, boring. I rather read more about Snow than her, for sure. Then, the ending... CLIFFHANGER. Again. RaShelle, you know how to leave me wondering about what will happen next!

I'm in for the next book, yay!
Complete review of the series coming soon
Fifty Shades Freed - E.L. James I just can't understand why people actually likes this series. Even, I can't understand why they say it's so damn good. I just can't. The writing style is painful to read. Lets face it, E. L. James writes awfully. Then, the plot... What plot? Ana and Christian are broken, they have a problem, they have sex, they have another problem, yet again sex. Repeat all over three books and get a bestseller.

Seriously, I think this is one of the most horrible series ever. The depth of the characters is non existent. The relationship between Ana and Christian makes me want to rip off my eyes. HE IS AN ABUSIVE GUY. For all of you out there, THAT'S NOT OKAY. THAT'S NOT ROMANTIC. He needs treatment as well as Ana and her no self respect. For Jesus sake, he blatantly abuses her in all possible ways and yet so she's all like "oh, well, it's okay, he's hot and we have sex". And all of you, fans, are like that too! Why don't you just imagine Christian as an ugly, poor guy, huh? Try that out! I'm sure you won't find that any sexy, nor will find sexy his horrid, abusive fuckery. Christian is not a perfect, lovable man. He's a sick, manipulative bastard. His past isn't an excuse for treating women as he does.
Amazingly Broken - Jordin Williams Hey guys, do not buy this book. Apparently, Jordin Williams plagiarized Tamara Weber's book "Easy" and also "Beautiful Disaster" by Jamie McGuire. If you want to see the proofs, just visit this link.

Not cool, Williams. Definitely not cool.


It's not only that there is plagiarism, but the fact that... Drums please... A GHOSTWRITER WROTE IT!


Like, what the actual f*ck?! Seriously? You, Jordin Williams, have no shame and no respect for us readers. NONE. I wish you get sued!



Look, people, look! The book isn't available anymore! Oh my gawd, that was fast. Yep.
Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell I just read the title and I know I need this book.

I want. I want it now.
La luz fantástica (Discworld #2) - Terry Pratchett I read this a lot of time ago I barely remember anything of it, but the fact that while reading it I wasn't able to understand many things that happened. Maybe because my mom gave me this book as gift without knowing it was a series and this wasn't the first book. Anyway, I did not like it at all and took a lot of time and effort to finish it. It bored me, it bored me so damn much at that time. Not bothering to read it once again, nor completing the series either.
Valkyrie - the vampire princess ( Valkyrie - the vampire princess, # 1) - Pet Torres I do love paranormal stuff and the premise of this book sounds somehow interesting... But the writing, gosh. I don't really get it. The author is brazilian, right? I guess she tried to translate this to english but, seriously, it's badly translated. I speak spanish as first language and I find really hard to express myself in english properly, so I can understand. But getting the story as a published one... Err, no. I got the time to check other of her stories and, really, the descriptions/blurbs have no sense at all. I can't even imagine how'd be reading the book.

I'm sorry but nope. If your english isn't that good, better to publish in your mother language or, at least, get a beta reader.
El Principe Siddharta: La Sonrisa De Buda - Ferruccio Parazzoli, Patricia Chendi Just a "mneh" read I did so much time ago. Not that I remember much from this book, not that I'm interested enough to re read it.
Destiny's Magick - Rae Morgan DNF


85% done and I can't take it anymore. This is awful in many, many ways. First of all, it starts with Rhae being mentally raped by an unknown dude. And that's taken way too far to comprehend how she resists those assaults... And to comprehend how the hell does she enjoy it.


Then, Rhae is a damn Mary Sue. The most powerful witch ever who can do ANYTHING. Just, really, anything... Nobody, neither the most powerful witches, can save someone... What to do? What to do? CALL RHAE! He'll be jumping and fooling all around in five minutes or less.


I may take this book in a while... But having so many interesting books on my tbr list makes that sound a little bit impossible. But I'll try, I promise.
El túnel - Ernesto Sábato Este es uno de esos libros que provocan cosas, cosas fuertes. Sentimientos confusos, oscuros, deprimentes.

Al terminar de leerlo me sentí embargada por emociones dispares y difíciles de expresar y explicar. La mentalidad del protagonista es demasiado compleja como para poder llegar a desentrañarla en su totalidad y es ya difícil llegar a entender aunque sea parte de sus actos, de sus reacciones.

Definitivamente, Castel nos conduce a su túnel oscuro y solitario, nos empuja a él y nos arrastra como invitados temerosos a conocer su mundo, sus estructuras, sus recovecos. Es un libro complicado a pesar de ser tan corto. Es un libro que requiere atención para captar los significados anversos, los detalles que con una lectura descuidada pueden llegar a perderse.

No es un libro que se lo recomendaría a cualquiera. Es de esos que o bien amas o ben detestas. La escritura te lleva dentro de la historia, te aisla. Castel te sume en su propia existencia, te invade con sus pensamientos turbados. Realmente no es un libro para los que buscan una lectura rápida y ligera. A pesar de sus pocas páginas, la historia es demasiado profunda y, de hecho, algo perturbante. Algo mucho dada la violencia del protagonista. Es un libro para quien guste de personajes excéntricos, si se quiere decir, desarrollados no a la marchanta, sino en todo su esplendor. Es un libro para quien quiera fundirse con la historia misma. Es un libro para quien quiera reflexionar junto a sus personajes.

No soy de leer a autores latinos en general, pero debo decir que este libro me encanta. Como siempre digo, un libro que te hace sentir, vivir con el personaje, no puede ser más que un buen libro.
Maidenhead - Tamara Faith Berger No. No. No. No. No.


You just can't write about rape as if it was okay, you know? Because, flash news, rape is SO NOT okay.
The storyline is so awful and creepy and disgusting and disturbing and... Oh my god, I want to bitch slap the author.


Lets just burn this on a big pire and pretend this wasn't ever published.
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen, Anna Quindlen Well, well, well... First of all, I must say I wish I liked this one even more. I think I like the movie better (the one with Keira, yep).

Stepping to the book... I adored some parts and in others I just wanted to throw the book away and yell for an hour or so. Lydia drove me mad and I hated her so much I wanted to hit her with something. She was so silly and superficial I couldn't handle it.

Then, the other sisters... Well, Mary was... Weird, if so. Jane was so naïve, like sooooo naïve. Lizzy is the one I liked the most for sure, but I couldn't get into her story that well. I just couldn't feel what she felt most of times, nor understood some thoughts and reactions.

And getting to the most wonderful thing... DARCY! I just love him. A lot. More than a lot, actually. Even though he seemed a total a-hole at first, he's so caring and good hearted that I almost start shouting at Lizzy when she rejected him. And I was on my way to university, by bus... I can tell some people stared at me because of my infuriated expression. I swear.

Oh, well, enough of Evey ranting. I enjoyed this book, and I recommend it, though some characters were a tad too superficial and hollow.

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